WEAR ME . . . SMELL ME . . . TASTE ME . . . ALL OF ME !!!







APRIL - 2020


Thank you for all your emails worried about me not posting here with a March update. No I wasn’t ill or struck down by this horrible virus . . . I was simply just away on vacation early in the month, without any easy connection to Wi-Fi and then upon my return I was just so busy in catching-up on orders . . . and several custom video requests.

But I am back with several new “Used Items” to add to my pages here in the coming weeks.

However, I do want to firstly say that I hope you are all well and following all the correct advice on social distancing and protecting yourselves, and your loved ones, amidst all this horrid Virus situation that the whole world finds itself in.

It does also mean that I can’t be sending out any of my “worn panties, tights, pantyhose or lingerie items at the moment. And not even any of my Used Sex Toys.

Instead, what I am doing is still accepting your orders and reserving those confirmed orders and putting the items to one side so that I can wear them just as things return to normal.

And, of course, I am still able to film and email naughty videos and photo-sets for you.

So just let me know in the form on my “Order Me” page and I will let you know my schedule !!!

So cum on . . . as I always say . . . don’t be too shy to ask, because your dreams may just come true !!!




My goodness it’s been a cold and wet start to the year here in London . . . So YES it’s definitely #usedpantyhose weather !!!!

But . . . My Worn Pantyhose will soon warm you up, especially when you smell my musty cunt-scent wafting up from your crotch as you slide them on.

And . . . If you really like the “wet” . . . Why not take-up my optional extra of a “Pee-ed” in soaking at the end of my one or two (or three!!!) day wearing for you.

Don’t forget, if you do request me to wee in them for you, I will include a FREE pee-ing video of me soaking YOUR Pantyhose just before I wrap them up and slide them into a Zip-lock Plastic Bag (so that they will stay wet until you open them once they’ve arrived in your post.

Just let me know in the form on my “Order Me” page and I will oblige!!!

So cum on . . . as I always say . . . don’t be too shy to ask, because your dreams may just come true !!!


JANUARY - 2020


I hope you all had a nice . . . and naughty festive break. And if you had to resist and restrain your urges and fetishes over the Xmas weeks, then now is the time to break out and celebrate for the NEW Used Panty New Year !!!

And to help in those celebrations, I shall be adding lots of NEW Panties to my pages here over the cumming weeks, starting off with these lovely, tight, white full-backs that you can see me modelling to the right.

And if you keep checking back frequently during the month you will see that I shall be adding more that I have been stocking-up with recently.

But as always, if you don’t see a particular pair that catches your eye at my Panties pages here, or you have something different or more “specialised” in mind, just let me know in the form on my “Order Me” page and I will do my very best to oblige!!!

So cum on . . . as I always say . . . don’t be too shy to ask, because your dreams may just come true !!!




We all love to feel snug and warm at Xmas time don’t we?

Well . . . as long as you hurry over to my “Order Me” page, before December the 15th, you could be feeling all snug and warm . . . and tight and smelling lovely and sticky with Mistresses xtra-special, xtra-Xmassy musky scents.

Yes just simply choose any of my #usedpanties, #usedpantyhose . . . or #usedlingerie . . . Items and I will wear them with extra-xmas cheer AND . . . If you mention MLxmas20 in the body of your order message, you will receive a 20% discount on the FULL value of your order. And that is, the full value, whether it is just one of my #usedlovelies . . . or 2 or 3 !!!

AND that 20% OFF applies not only to whatever #used items you may order, BUT also to any of my xtra-special, optional xtras or videos!!!

So cum on . . . as I always say . . . don’t be too shy to ask, because your dreams may just come true !!!

But do be quick to take advantage of my Xtra-special naughty gifts to you. Don’t forget to mention that special discount code in the form-box on my “Order Me” page.



IT’s NOW COLD ENOUGH . . . to be wearing my Pantyhose again!!!

And that means good news for all you #usedpantyhose lovers . . . especially as, just for the month of November, I am offering £5 OFF any of my #usedpantyhose or #usedstockings or #usedholdups that you may fancy from my #usedpantyhose page here.

Or, even if there doesn’t appear to be a pair that you are particularly looking for, just message me from the form-box on my “Order Me” page, with details of the type or colour that you are longing-for and you never know I may just have them stored away in my #pantyhose drawer.

Because . . . I have accumulated SO, So, so many sets of Tights, Stockings, Hold-ups and Pantyhose over the years (far too many to catalogue and show on my pages here). I used to actually throw them away if they became laddered, or I decided I wasn’t keen on the style or colour. BUT, once I started selling my #usedpantyhose and #usedpanties at my pages here I began keeping them. So that’s almost EIGHT years worth . . . And I’m am sure to have something that you may like..

So cum on . . . as I always say . . . don’t be too shy to ask, because your dreams may just come true !!!

And don’t forget to mention any of my special, fun, naughty extras that you might enjoy in the form-box on my “Order Me” page.



SEPTEMBER SPECIALS . . . and lots of NEW Used Panties to cum!!!

Goodness . . . It’s September already . . . The time just seems to have gone by so quickly since I returned from my holiday!

Although I hadn’t managed to add some new #usedpanties to my pages here during August, several of you have taken-up my “holiday discount” offer that I’d mentioned on my Twitter Feed . . . And you’ll be happy to know that I’ve kept some of those “special prices” on some of my “new” panties, from my holiday, that I’ve added to my #usedpanty page here.

And I will try to add several more over the next few weeks . . . Once I can tempt Hubby into taking some more photos of me modelling the ones we haven’t photographed just yet!!!

But, in the meantime, if you have any special type of panties . . . or perhaps even Pantyhose or Tights, as we are now coming into autumn here in London . . . then do let me know by typing your request into the form-box on my “Order Me” page.

As I always say . . . “It’s first cum, first worn” . . . so don’t be too shy to ask !!!


AUGUST - 2019

BACK FROM MY LOVELY HOLS . . . with lots & lots of NEW Panties !!!

I’ve recently returned from an absolutely fabulous three weeks away on my favourite Mediterranean island.

And I have returned to lots and lots of messages, not just orders for my #usedpanties . . . but to lots of requests for all sorts of naughty extras !!!

Your inventiveness . . . and creativity . . . in some of the “extras” that you ask to be included in your #usedpanty and #usedlingerie orders, always makes me giggle. And, often makes me tingle!!!

Because, yes, I do LOVE those naughty things you ask . . . and your fun suggestions often make me go all aroused and . . . Well . . . sticky!!!

Anyway, as I say, I have returned to lots of new orders for #wornpanties AND for several new #customvideos . . . So, if you are one of the lucky gentlemen who has ordered, please be patient. I am working through them strictly in order of when I received them, and you will be hearing from me shortly if you haven’t already had an email response from me.

BUT, don’t despair, although it may take me a little while to wear my way through those orders, I did return with LOTS of new Panties as you can see from my holiday balcony above. And yes, this will be the only time I wash them !!!

I will try to add these, one-by-one, to my #usedpanties pages here over the next few weeks. But, if you fancy one of these on my line do let me know by typing your request into the form-box on my “Order Me” page. Don’t forget . . . It’s first cum, first worn!!!


JUNE - 2019


Well, gentlemen, you’ve certainly kept me busy, very very busy, over the past six weeks. In fact May, and the first two weeks of June, have been my busiest month for #usedpanties since I began selling my #wornlingerie items on-line all those years ago!!!

And, it hasn’t only been my #usedpanties . . . and two pairs of #usedbras . . . that have kept me wearing specially-ordered items for every single day so far. I’ve also had lots of #customvideos orders to fulfill as well. Including a record number of “wet videos” if you know what I mean. You do know, what I mean don’t you? Well, by “wet videos”, I mean I’ve had a record number of you requesting your #usedpanties, and #usedpantyhose, to have me wee in them. And, of course, that special “fun-extra” request, means a free-video of me actually make them “wet” for you. Usually very wet !!!

Anyway, all those orders have meant that I have fallen a bit behind in adding new, replacement, #usedpanties to my pages here. But, several new ones have been included as part of this update . . . and yes, I do have more “new” ones to model and post soon.

So, if there is something special you would like to have me wear, do let me know by typing your request into the form-box on my “Order Me” page and you never know, I may actually have something already available for you!!!


MAY - 2019


Oh yes . . . I certainly do offer, all sorts of Sexciting Extras for, and on, your #usedpanties orders!!!

From all sorts of different stains and fluids and juices and, of course, special custom video-clips of me wearing, playing . . . and even well, you know what I mean . . . in your panties and pantyhose!

So, don’t be afraid to ask . . . although I am sometimes surprised by your requests, I am never offended. If it is not fun for me, or something that I wouldn’t do, I will simply tell you. I won’t be upset or offended by you asking.

You can send me your own special “optional extra” requests by typing them into the form-box on my “Order Me” page and I will let you know just what I can do !!!


APRIL - 2019


Well it is getting warmer and warmer and whilst I know that makes anything I wear even more “scenty” . . . and I do LOVE making things “scenty” for you . . . they also have to be comfortable for me to wear.

And as we are now into spring, preparing #usedpantyhose is becoming more uncomfortable . . . and impractical . . . for me to wear out and about, and into the office.

Especially on the Bus and on the Tube !!!

After all, as the weather gets warmer, I prefer short skirts . . . and my favourite lacey skimpy panties and thongs.

They get quite sticky and scenty too . . . but I do realise that some of you naughty gentlemen like feeling your “manly bits and pieces” wrapped and squeezed tightly into a pair of my pantyhose don’t you?

So you’d better hurry and take a look at some of my current #usedpantyhose here.

But do keep checking back here and my Twitter feed, (because you never know, if it turns chilly again I might just decide to squeeze into some nice tight hose for a few days).

And, don’t forget, if you have a desire or kink for a “special” sort of item, just ask me directly from the form on my “Order Me” page and I will see what I can do !!!


MARCH - 2019


Yes . . . I know I promised to add a Special Tribute page to showcase some of the lovely photos you’ve been sending of you all wearing my Used Panties . . . Or rather YOUR Panties now!

But it really has been such a busy, busy few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to add that new page here just yet!

But it is still “cumming” I promise. So do keep emailing me those fun pics of you wearing and cumming in . . . and all over . . . the panties (and pantyhose) that I have sent you.

In the meantime though I do have several lovely NEW Panties added here. And, I’ve just bought some more new ones during a recent shopping expedition so do keep checking back here and my Twitter feed, (because, as I’ve mentioned before, I can post them there more quickly than here).

And if you have a desire for a “special” sort of item, just ask me directly from the form on my “Order Me” page and I will see what I can do !!!




Oooh, I’ve had such a busy, busy start to 2019 with lots of you returning for second, third . . . or in the case of one lovely and very generous gentleman (you know who you are sweetie!!!) . . . sixth new #usedpanty orders!

And I’ve also just had my first #usedpantyhose order of the year too . . . and as it has turned quite cold here in the UK over the past few weeks, and I have been wearing my tights every day, I’m expecting some more orders of that sort this month.

I’ve also bought some brand-new panties since Christmas . . . several of which have already been added to my up-dated Panties page here. But there will be more to follow just as soon as I can have the photos taken (keep checking-out my Twitter feed, because I can post them there more quickly than here.

Or, as always, if you have a “special” sort of item you would particularly like to order, you can ask me from the form on my “Order Me” page !!!




One of the joys of hosting one’s own Website, is being able to be as naughty as I like . . . and say and show . . . just whatever I want to !!!

Now perhaps I haven’t taken advantage of that as often as I could have over this past year . . . but I’m planning to be a little more “naughty” in my posts here during 2019.

For example . . . I’m thinking of adding a new “Special Gallery” page here with some rather more “detailed” photos . . . such as the one here!

And I also may add a “Tribute Photos” page showing some of the lovely, fun, photos I often receive of gentlemen actually wearing . . . or “using” . . . my #usedpanties, #usedpantyhose and even some of my #usedsextoys . . . that they have ordered from my pages here.

Those photos wouldn’t show any faces of course . . . just my Panties being worn, used and enjoyed in the ways that I LOVE.

It’s always fun for me to receive those photos . . . so if you are reading this and would like the special thrill of having a tribute photo of your own added to my list . . . then please do let me know by email, DM to my Twitter feed, or from the form on my “Order Me” page.

So . . . let’s have lots of #usedpanty fun together for 2019 !!!




Oohh . . . the morning commute to work has certainly turned chilly here in London over the past week.

So that means it’s time to bring out my Pantyhose !!!

And I know that will make lots of you gentlemen happy because . . . when my bottom cheeks, and my bottom lips are encased and hugged all day in tight and clingy hose, they do get rather “wiffy” by the end of the day.

So-much-so that I would never normally wear the same pantyhose two days in a row, because I’m sure I would start smelling myself as I squeeze into my bus seat on the journey home.

BUT . . . just as a special treat for you #usedpantyhose lovers . . . I am offering one day’s extra wear completely FREE for any of my #pantyhose or #tights ordered during the month of November.

You can view my current selection on offer at my Used Pantyhose page >here<.

And, as always, you can message me directly from the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page if you have a particular “request” or, if you would like something that you don’t happen to see available on my Gallery pages . . . because, as long as you are patient, I will almost certainly be able to grant your wish!!!


OCTOBER - 2018


Purple seems to be a popular colour amongst my requests this month! I’ve had two gentlemen in the last week ask me about Purple Panties . . . because I don’t currently have any on my #usedpanties page . . . and I’ve also had a gentleman ordering a Cigar Video requesting my nails be Purple Shellac !!!

Well . . . that latter request was easy (and I’ve already filmed it) but I just haven’t had the time yet to shop for some “new” Purple panties. Especially as one gentlemen wants “frilly lace” and one wants “full back satin”. But I will get them . . . as I ALWAYS try to fulfil special request orders.

But . . . as you can see from my picture here . . . I do actually have a lovely sheer (completely see through) purple wrap that I have worn on several occasions to my local Swingers Club on evenings out with Hubby.

You can find out more about it at my Used Lingerie page >here<.

So, you see you can always message me directly from the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page if you have a particular “request” or, if you would like something that you don’t happen to see available on my Gallery pages . . . Because, as long as you are patient, I will almost certainly be able to grant your wish!!!




Well, you certainly took me up on my mention last month about looking nice and tanned in my new videos didn’t you!!!

I’ve had so many orders for naughty #usedpantyvideos . . . that I’m only just catching-up with them now. (Two more to film in this first week of September).

But don’t be shy to ask for your own because I do absolutely LOVE filming risque, naughty, naked custom Panty and Fetish video clips. And, as I mentioned last month, I did actually film several “nude on the beach” clips which are available for order right now. And, if “foot-fetish” is your thing you might like my “Nude Foot and Toe Fetish” clip, filmed as I enjoy a relaxing cigar and a stroll along the beach, feeling the water lap over my toes and wriggling them in the warm Mediterranean sand.

But, if videos are not for you, I do have several “new” Used Panties featured on my “Panties” pages here.

Don’t forget you can always message me directly from the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page if you have a particular “request” or, if you would like something that you don’t happen to see available on my Gallery pages !!!


AUGUST - 2018


I’ve just returned from my summer vacation on my favourite Greek Island !!!

I had a simply amazing time . . . with simply amazing weather . . . and so have an all-over tan which I know will look just lovely in the naughty photo-sets that I send out with every one of my #usedpanty orders.

AND, my tan will probably look even better in one of my custom-filmed, naughty #usedpantyvideos . . . because, of course, you see “so-much-more of me” in a video than is possible to show in a photo.

And, speaking of videos, I did actually film several “nude on the beach” clips which I will tell you more about in the coming weeks, (or if you can’t wait that long, simply ask me for details from the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page).

But . . . in the meantime . . . I do have several “new” Used Panties featured on my “Panties” pages here.

Don’t forget you can always message me directly from the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page if you have a particular “request” or, if you would like something that you don’t happen to see available on my Gallery pages !!!


JULY - 2018


Oohh - I’ve had such a BUSY June . . . so lots of my Panties & Pantyhose have now been claimed!

And I also enjoyed filming seven new Custom Videos . . . you naughty boys!

But . . . it has been lots of fun, as always!!!

So now I will just have to add some “new” Used Panties . . . and some other new items I have planned . . . like the lovely “Nude Lace” knickers (to the right) that I’ve just bought.

So do keep cumming back to me here, and checking the “drop-down” menu from my Gallery Page link, for when I update my newest arrivals.

In the meantime, of course, you can always message me directly from the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page if you have a particular “request” or, if you would like something that you don’t happen to see displayed just yet on my pages.

Now, I don’t know about where you are, but I can tell you that it’s very hot & sticky here in London right now, so ALL of my gussets are getting very sweaty and scenty !!!


JUNE - 2018


It’s definitely getting hotter and hotter here in the UK with the start of our Summer.

And that mean’s that . . . now at least . . . as I go about my every-day routine, or even when I’m enjoying one of my Mistressing sessions, a Bra or Pantyhose is the last thing I would consider wearing.  So . . . for that reason . . . I’m offering ANY of my Bra’s or Pantyhose for half the tribute they are listed for on my pages here.  So if it says £10, it will actually be yours for just £5 !!!

Yes that’s half the tribute you would normally need to be gifting me. And I will keep that 50% OFF offer for the whole month of June.

All you need do is just mention “June Offer” into the “Your Order” box on my “Order Me” page.

And, yes, despite the temperatures being so hot and sticky at the moment I will, of course, STILL wear them for however many days you wish for. So just imagine how sticky and scenty they will be for you !!!


MAY - 2018

Re-Subscribe to me here at Mistresses Lace!!!

Now I’m  going to be serious for a change . . . and you know how I don’t really like being serious . . . because I always just want everything to be fun!!!

But, just to make sure that I comply with the new EU regulations for personal data protection (it’s called GDPR . . . you must have heard about it I am sure) . . . I will have deleted my Email Contacts Address Book by May 23.

So what that means is that if you still wish to keep receiving my occasional email updates about my newest Panties, or Lingerie . . . or the latest “Toy” that I’ve almost worn-out and want to pass on to a grateful new owner . . . then I must ask you to use the form on my “Order Me” page to re-subscribe to me here.

Just simply type “Please subscribe me” into the “Your Order” box . . . you don’t need to actually order anything, (though, of course, I would love it if you did. LOL !!!) . . . It’s just to let me know that you wish to keep being “close” to me.

I know it’s boring and a bit of a faff . . . but I would never, ever, want to offend anyone . . . so I hope you will take a moment to submit! Because you know just how much I LOVE having gentlemen submit !!!


APRIL - 2018

Enjoy a Pussy Cast with Mistresses Lace!!!

No not a Podcast silly . . . A PUSSY-Cast !!!

Yes . . . a full-size, silicone replica of my actual Mistresses Lace pussy.

Cast in lovely, soft silky silicone, from my very own “private” lips . . . you can now wear Mistresses vagina inside your latest #usedpanties from my pages here.

Imagine adding my lips to your next order . . . I’m sure you would love that wouldn’t you?

If you would like more details, just use the form on my “Order Me” page to ask me more about this fabulous new way to enhance your Mistresses Lace experience.

I shall probably only be making this a Special Limited Edition Offer . . . so do be quick to ensure you don’t miss out!!!


MARCH - 2018

My busiest Custom Videos month ever!!!

March has been my busiest month ever for Custom Videos. Not that I’m complaining of course! LOL !!!

If you’ve ever ordered one of my #usedpantyvideos you will already know just how much I love filming custom videos.

I’ve had lots more “wee” video requests than normal . . . perhaps the cold weather here in the UK has meant lots of you gentlemen wanted warming-up with some indoor “wet-weather fun”.

But I’ve also had several #upskirt video requests . . . two #cigarsmoking videos, a #foot-fetish video . . . and four separate #usedpantyhose / tights clips to film!

As a consequence I haven’t had much time to add some of my new panty-purchases to my pages here . . . until now that is . . .

So this evening I am adding several of those “new” panties to my #usedpanties page, AND a lovely lacey bra-and-thong . . . and a now very lonely Polka Dot Bra (as the matching panties have been claimed separately) to my #usedlingerie pages.

There will be more added in the next few weeks . . . So keep checking back here sweeties.

And going back to my #customvideos . . . If you’d like to order one of your own, just use the form on my “Order Me” page!!!


FEBRUARY 20th - 2018

My Red Satin Swingers Club Panties

As a special treat . . . and as a sincere thank you for the several lovely Gift Voucher “Tips” I’ve recently received (you know who you are sweeties, and special big kisses to you all), I’ve decided to offer my favourite “Swingers Club” Panties here on my #usedpanties page.

I’ve enjoyed lots of naughty fun evenings at my local Swingers Club wearing these lovely Red Satin Victoria’s Secret Panties. They are normally so damp from my (and sometimes “others”) juices at the end of each evening, that I immediately wash them the next morning.

BUT after last Saturday evening’s fun, I decided to pop them straight into one of my plastic zip-lock bags on my return home, unwashed and slightly “stained” so as to retain some of the very-special exertions they were subjected to.

So . . . Just imagine gentlemen, they could be yours. But you’d better ask me quickly before I change my mind!!!


FEBRUARY 11th - 2018

More Panties to add soon

Goodness it’s been so busy these past two weeks, with a number of new orders to fulfill . . . panties and pantyhose to wear and several custom #usedpantyvideos to film . . . that I just haven’t had the time to add some new items to my pages here!

In fact I haven’t even had the time to buy any new panties, or lingerie, to add anyway.

But I will do as soon as I can . . . I promise!!!

But, in the meantime gentlemen, if you have any particular requests for the type of panties . . . colour or style??? . . . or perhaps lingerie items you’d like to see me in, then please do let me know.

Just complete the Contact Form on my “Order Me” page with any suggestions you might have and, you never know, you might just see them here on my pages soon!!!


JANUARY 24th - 2018

My One Hundredth Sale

Woo Hoo - I’ve just had my one-hundredth #usedpanties order. I knew I’d been wearing busily all thru December . . . but when I eventually had a chance to sit down and complete my inventory during the New Year break, I realised I was up to 97 orders fulfilled in my three years of #usedpantysales.

Two more orders arrived in my in-box in the first week of 2018 . . . and then finally . . . my one-hundredth order arrived yesterday!!!

So I’m . . . juicily . . . very excited! LOL !!!

They haven’t all been just for my panties . . . I’ve also had orders for lots of my #usedpantyhose and #usedlingerie items . . . and more recently I’ve started making some of my #usedsextoys available here at my Mistresses Lace pages.

I really do get a huge thrill from knowing a happy gentleman is wearing . . . and smelling and tasting . . . something that I’d been wearing, or using, just a few days beforehand.

And . . . as well as (and in addition) to all of the above items . . . I’m now up to over 60 of my Custom Panty Videos, so if I was to include those in my order total, it would be over 160 items ordered in the past three years.

I do especially enjoy filming those custom videos, wearing or “playing-in” . . . perhaps even wee-ing in . . . a pair of my panties or pantyhose that a lucky gentleman has ordered. But I’ve actually had lots of orders for me wearing nothing at all! Just playing with one of my toys . . . even just wiggling my toes, taking a bath, or walking up and down the stairs showing off my bottom and . . . well you know what!!!

So, as I say, I’m juicily very excited . . . so why not order something from my pages here and you will soon be able to feel for yourself, just how juicily-excited I am . . . especially as I will then be on my way to my next 100 orders !!!


JANUARY - 2018

Tribute Photos Gallery ???

I’ve always enjoyed receiving occasional “Thank You” email photos of my #usedpanties, actually being modelled by the gentlemen who have ordered them.

Yes modelled, worn . . . and sometimes . . . even having been actually “tributed-in” if you know what I mean!!!

And several of you have actually mentioned you’d like to see your “Thank You” photos shown on my pages here at Mistresses Lace.

Well you know me . . . I always like to do my best to please . . . and help you fulfill your own desires.

So . . . as the first in possibly a continuing sequence . . . it gives me great pleasure to introduce Mister O wearing my #usedpantyhose and Mister K really appreciating my White Full-Back #usedpanties.

If you’d like to be added here simply email me your own photo of you “modelling” an item you’ve received from me.

Who knows, I may even add a special “Tribute Gallery Page” in the future.



Mistresses Lace New Year Sale

As part of my “Thank You” for making 2017 my busiest year yet for #usedpantysales, I’m offering ANY of my #usedpanties #usedpantyhose or #usedlingerie items here at my Mistresses Lace pages, for HALF of their normal Tribute value.

Yes . . . for the next week, until Tuesday January 2nd, you could be wearing ANY of my #wornknickers, #usedpantyhose, stockings or tights . . . even one of my naughty nighties, worn basques or sweaty bras for £5 or LESS !!!

AND my 50% OFF is not restricted to just one item . . . you can order as many of my worn garments as you desire . . . and your total order will be HALF of the normal tribute. Simply tell me which items you require, in the normal way from the form on my “Order Me” page. And don’t forget to let me know if you would like any of my “extras” such as worn for an extra 24-hours or more, or perhaps a naughty Custom Video of me playing in them, or sessioning in them . . . or even wee-ing in them for you.

I will confirm the items are still available, put them to one side, and confirm the Tribute you should send me in the normal way (via an Amazon Gift Card, or through my Credit Card option-link if you would prefer that).

Don’t miss out on wearing me, smelling me, tasting me . . . for HALF the normal tribute!!!



Christmas Kisses from Mistresses Lace

Wishing all my #usedpanties gentlemen a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Thank you for all your orders and making 2017 my busiest #usedpanty year so far.

I’ve had lots . . . and lots . . . of fun fulfilling your orders, wearing and sending you my #wornknickers and #usedpantyhose and stockings and tights . . . not to mention all those naughty Custom Videos you’ve asked me for.

I hope you all wear . . . or play in . . . at least one of my items over the Festive season, and I look forward to wearing even more of my Mistresses Lace for you in 2018.

Bye for now . . . and . . . Enjoy !!!



Only here at Mistresses Lace

Some of you may have noticed that I have de-activated my Profile at a reasonably well known Panty Sales site.

As those of you who have received items from me already will know, I absolutely LOVE wearing my personal lace and frillies for appreciative gentlemen. And, of course, filming custom videos for all of your panty and fetish requests.

I always include personalised handwritten notes with every order, and email lots of intimate photos of each item as well.

In everything I do, whether with my Used Panties & Lace here at Mistresses Lace . . . or in my other Mistressing or Swinging activities . . . if something isn’t fun for me then I will stop doing it.

And that is exactly what had begun to happen at that Panty Sales site in question.

Part of their “ethos” was to have a Members Forum in order to offer support and advice to other panty-sellers and help with site-specific questions involving uploading orders and photos etc. Now all that sounds very sharing and caring and inclusive, but over the past few months I began to feel that lots of the “inter-action” from members was rather disingenuous and insincere. Partly this was due to the fact that participation in these forums had a bearing  on a “ratings” system for each member. Whilst I can see in principal that this system was probably designed to maintain a level of  “real” sellers, I’m afraid it was clear to me that most of the messages, or contributions, were posted to boost that particular members “ranking” rather than sincere help or advice.

I suddenly realised that I had begun to fall into that same trap . . . and that realisation made me feel ashamed. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t sincere, it wasn’t real . . . and it certainly wasn’t me!!!

I began offering my worn Panties and Lingerie to interested gentlemen simply because I enjoyed being asked.
It was flattering and thrilling to have people ask me if they could have their own souvenirs of something I have worn or “played-in”.
I loved it then . . . and I still love it now.

So that is why the only place you will now find my Used Panties, Pantyhose, Lingerie and Lace is here at Mistresses Lace.


AUGUST 7 - 2017

“Ordering Custom Videos With Used Panties” - Featured Post at SimplySxy.com

Like most fun things that happen in life, my Panty Seller site came about purely by chance. I’ve been Mistressing for some years now and was often being asked by Submissives if, for an additional tribute, they would be able to take away the panties or stockings etc that I had been wearing for our session. (I was even occasionally asked for my shoes or boots!) So, of course, if I felt that the additional tribute was worth my journeying back home from the dungeon minus panties or stockings, I would sometimes oblige!

Then, one of my regulars suggested I’d be a very popular addition to a Panty-Selling community. So I investigated and subsequently added a profile page on that site  . . . and to my surprise I began receiving requests from all over the world almost immediately.

Two years on and in order to offer a more “personalised” interaction with my used panty lovers, I last year launched my own dedicated “Mistresses Lace” website.

Why I Love It

It’s thrilling for me to receive requests for my Panties, Pantyhose, Bras and Lingerie, as well as other personal items such as shoes and used personal toys, straps and paddles . . . and, of course, custom videos which I film exclusively to order.

I absolutely LOVE sliding on a pair of lacey panties, or tight pantyhose or stockings, that one of my gentlemen has specifically ordered, and wearing them for him for several days, knowing that very soon he will be squeezing himself into those very same items. And, of course, personally feeling and experiencing my dampness and musky scents.

It’s also wonderfully enjoyable and fulfilling to receive lovely emails expressing thanks and satisfaction, often with photos attached displaying the gentleman wearing my item (with very obvious excitement!!!).

And also, of course, equally thrilling to receive repeat orders from my regulars.

Requests For Custom Videos

I’ve been filming custom fetish Femdom videos for quite some time and am continually surprised and intrigued by the nature, and range, of requests I receive.

I find it fun, and very often, quite exciting filming a new scenario . . . and usually am able to fulfil most requests I receive.

As I say, the range of fetishes and desires is huge, from simply putting on and taking off a particular item a gentleman has ordered; to role-playing tease and denial scenes; from just wiggling my naked feet to perhaps painting my toe nails; or walking on a hard-wood panelled floor in stiletto heels; from pulling on my silver elbow-length gloves and slowly straightening the fitting on each finger; from shower and even bathroom scenes . . . and so on.

My most recent video request was quite memorable in that I was asked for a 15 minute clip smoking one of my large Cuban cigars in a very famous central city park. Being a lovely bright and sunny day, it was crowded with tourists who obviously thought the sight of a lady walking around smoking a huge cigar (with an accompanying camera-man) was quite an unusual sight. It gave me quite a thrill actually.

So anyway, if you’ve tossed and turned at night dreaming about it then I’ve probably been asked for a custom video of it.

Making My Panties Smell Good

I work really hard to fulfil every gentleman’s wish regarding scents and aroma. Some may ask for an extra day or two of wear, some may ask to have them actually damp (very damp in some cases). But I always do my utmost with regard to “special” or “additional” requests!!!

Most Popular Lingerie & Panties

I get asked for, and always try to provide, all sorts of different panties, stockings, hose, bra’s, lingerie, socks etc, even if I don’t have a specific item, or colour, listed on my website. (And, as I said earlier, even shoes and used “personal toys”). But the one thing that I have learnt over the past few years of both my Mistressing and Used Panties experiences, is that there is no definite, or most popular, of requests.  As with all things in life, everyone is different . . . and everyone has different desires and fantasies and kinks. That’s what makes it so enjoyable and so much fun!!!


AUGUST 2 - 2017

Closing my Instagram Pages

I’ve recently decided to close my Instagram Profile . . . I was just receiving too many “silly and inappropriate” requests. I detest time-wasters and people who are not genuine, so it is goodbye to Instagram.

But of course you can still follow me here, or from my Twitter profile at: https://twitter.com/MistressesLace